• 12 JUNE 2012
    I've come to Chico's auctions and can honestly say that he's fast, fair, and always willing to walk the walk as much as talk the talk. - Ravi Naidoo, businessman.
  • 12 JUNE 2012
    Consolidated is very professional in their conduct and always have their client's best interest at heart, achieving the best results possible in the end. - Denver Maistree, Barloworld area sales manager.
  • 12 JUNE 2012
    Consolidated Auction Group holds regular classic car auctions. Every time I'm there Mr Da Silva goes out of his way to make me feel at home. - Gert van der Veen, private buyer.
  • 4 JULY 2012
    I recently attended an impressive auction at Consolidated auction group germiston
  • 25 JULY 2012
    Chico da Silva is an appraiser of exceptional repute. We find him principled and professional. - Rowan Berg, corporate affairs advisor
  • 12 JUNE 2012
    Consolidated has done a couple of disposals for us, they were presentable and focused on executing auctions ethically. - Awie Maree, Richards Bay Coal Terminal materials manager.
  • 13 JUNE 2012
    I've been buying from Mr Da Silva for a couple of years because his company sells all kinds of stock that's in a good condition, and that I can resell. - Joe Radebe, cross-border trader.
  • 11 DECEMBER 2012
    Consolidated has helped us with big auctions planned along strictly adhered-to timelines. They have a high standard of professionalism. - Kgothola Ngoasheng, former Rio Tinto supply chain manager.